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Do Spider Plants Keep Spiders Away?

Spider plants are instantly recognizable thanks to their distinct appearance. The name of the plant was because of the elongated spider-like structures that make them resemble a spider web.

do spider plants keep spiders away

But does it also mean that spider plants are connected in any way to spiders? Do spider plants keep spiders away?

Sorry to burst your bubble but no, spider plants don’t keep spiders away. But if it is any consolation, they don’t attract spiders either.

Even if some spiders might find their way into the leaves of the plants and weave their webs there, these plants aren’t meant to attract or keep these insects away.

Once again, the name of the plant was all because of its unique structure that looks like spiders and their web, with the spiderlings crawling within the web surrounding the spider.

Does a Spider Plant Keep Spiders Away?

Your spider plants won’t keep the pesky spiders away. These plants lack the ability to keep spiders away, or other creatures for that matter. Unless you use a solution meant to keep spiders away and spray it on your plant, it is not likely that the spider plant can keep the insects away all by itself.

Spider plants don’t have distinct smells nor do they contain chemicals meant to keep their namesake insects at bay. Having said that, you will realize that these plants cannot keep spiders away.

Some owners of these plants also spray a special solution on their plants to help ensure that their homes stay free from spiders. For example, some people use peppermint solution, spraying it on all the leaves of the plant to ensure that spiders don’t find their way to the plant. The peppermint solution can also help ward off potential bugs and insects that might be dangerous to the plant.

If you are looking for an effective way to keep spiders at bay, you can never count on spider plants to be the right solution to your problem. Instead, it might be best to use other solutions like natural mixtures that are meant to keep spiders away with no need to use chemicals. Adding spider plants to your home alone will never work.

Does Spider Plants Attract Spiders?

Now, just because spider plants are named as such doesn’t mean that they won’t attract spiders to themselves, which is contrary to common belief.

The name of the spider plants was given to them because of their long leaves and appearance that look like that of a spider web. Some people even compare the plants to a mother spider surrounded by its spiderlings. It is probably the reason why many people called it the spider plant.

Through the years, however, numerous rumors popped up, with most believing that the plant will only attract more spiders to your house. But it is safe to say for sure that this is definitely far from the truth.

Spider plants don’t attract spiders to themselves and your home. But there is a possibility that some spiders might end up occupying the plant and creating their webs there, particularly if you don’t regularly clean and tend to your plant.

Spiders prefer undisturbed areas and the spider plants’ slender long leaves often give them the perfect spot where they can settle down and make their web to catch their prey. However, it is not because spider plants attract spiders. It is only because the insects are searching for a calm spot where they will be able to settle down and make a web.

It means that while some spiders create their webs in spider plants, it is not because the plants attract spiders to themselves. It is only because spiders prefer peaceful spots where they will be able to do their thing. It just so happened that spider plants allow them to do exactly just that.

What is a Spider Plant?

The spider plant is among the most popular and in-demand houseplants found in many homes today. Its fame is mainly because it is easy to grow, maintain, and care for. But most importantly, spider plants also look nice and can even help filter your home’s indoor air effectively.

However, due to its wiry appearance, a lot of people call it a spider plant, but some prefer calling it the airplane plant. The name of the plant, however, doesn’t have anything to do with its function but has more to do with its physical traits and appearance.

Spider plants are often kept as decorative plants in many households. But these plants can also replace and filter poor-quality air using their leaves. The plant is specifically prized for its ability to eliminate carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other types of toxins frequently present in most homes today.

Aside from the filtering capacity of spider plants, they also look nice. The wiry long leaves of the plants extend to a length of one foot and sometimes, they even grow longer. It makes these plants perfect for placement on closets, shelves, and other spots located higher above the ground allowing the leaves of the plant to spread and cover the floor.

Spider plants are very popular plants that a lot of homeowners have due to their beautiful appearance. Some people also appreciate the filtering capabilities of these houseplants.

Which Plants Help Keep Spiders at Bay?

If you want to keep your home free from spiders, you might consider adding the following plants to your collection:

  • Basil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemon Balm
  • Marigold
  • Mint
  • Rosemary

At the end of the day, remember that spider plants don’t keep spiders away nor do they attract these insects. They don’t give off a smell or contain substances that can help ward off spiders.