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Why is My Snake Plant Growing Sideways?

Seeing your beloved snake plants growing healthy and well can be a very satisfying experience. And of course, no one can blame you if you feel proud of yourself for your job well done.

why is my snake plant growing sideways

On the other hand, you might feel a bit worried or even anxious if your snake plant is not growing as how you expect or want them to. For example, all kinds of thoughts might be running through your mind if your plant seems like it is growing sideways.

Why is my snake plant growing sideways?

Why Does a Snake Plant Grow Sideways?

If your snake plant is growing sideways instead of straight, it is probably the result of any of the three things, namely uneven sunlight exposure, leaves growing too heavy and tall, and overwatering. All of these three common issues can make snake plants droop, bend, or lean.

Although it is not dangerous in and of itself, a plant that leans sideways isn’t almost as pleasing to look at as an erect and healthy plant. The good news is that there is a corresponding easy fix to each of these problems that can soon help your snake plant grow straight toward the skies.

How to Make Snake Plants Grow Straight

It is very easy and simple to grow snake plants. But they still need attention and care to thrive and grow in a home environment. Once your snake plant starts to show signs of leaning or drooping, it means you need to help it adjust itself and grow straight all over again.

You can easily fix the issue using some simple measures that can make your snake plant grow tall and straight. Below are the best things you can do to stop the sideway growth of your snake plant.

Don’t Overwater

Since snake plants belong to the family of succulents, they can survive even without lots of water. In fact, they do best if you just water them once every one to two weeks throughout the growing season.

When the winter comes, you just need to water your snake plant once every month because it is dormant at this time. If the soil of your snake plant is too wet, the weight of the leaves of the plant can pull it to either side, making it look crooked.

Aside from this, root rot can also occur if you overwater your plant, and this can make its root system weak. Root rot will not just make your plant lean because it can also cause the leaves to droop. If the soil of your plant is wet and it is starting to lean or droop, allow the upper two to three inches of the soil to dry first before you give it water again.

Check the root ball for any indications of root rot. Treat your snake plant for root rot if the roots are brown, slimy, or soft, and plant it again in a new pot with new soil.

Rotate It

Snake plants are big fans of sunlight to the point that they can sometimes grow at angles in their attempt of reaching the source of light. This is probably what is happening if you notice your snake plant growing at a certain angle leaning towards a window.

To help your snake plant grow straight all over again, all you have to do is just rotate the plant every several days or so. It will help ensure that all the different sides of your snake plant will receive an equal amount of sunlight.

As long as you constantly rotate your plant, it will eliminate the risk of it constantly leaning towards just one direction to the point that it grows only on that side.

Use Stakes

There are times when even the healthiest snake plants also tend to lean and grow on just one side. It is simply because the leaves of snake plants, particularly very big ones, tend to become heavy and start to lean or droop under their own weight.

An easy method to solve this issue is to use stakes. You can put a stake at the back of the drooping leaf. Drive the stake down a few inches into the soil to ensure that it is sturdy enough. Use a jute or twine string to tie the leaf as gently as you can to the stake.

On the other hand, if several leaves have started to droop because of their own weight, your next best option is to replace the soil of your snake plant. See to it that you only use potting soil with good drainage and at the same time, is also dense enough to offer support to the roots of your tall snake plant.

Why is My Snake Plant Growing Crooked?

The most common reason why some snake plants grow crooked is none other than uneven light. Since these plants grow or lean towards a source of light, unless the grow light or window is just overheard, your snake plant might grow crooked in its attempt of getting close to a light source.

An overwatered plant may also grow crooked sometimes. But the snake plant itself is probably not crooked per se. Instead, the extremely wet soil can no longer support the leaves’ weight and as a result, the plant might start leaning inside the pot.

Why is My Snake Plant Bending Over?

Snake plants can bend over if their leaves are already too heavy to the extent that they can no longer support their own weight. A snake plant can also become weak because of root rot, causing its leaves to not just bend over but also to turn brown and droop.

The Bottom Line

You see, there are many reasons why your snake plant is growing sideways, which include overwatering, uneven exposure to sunlight, and too tall or heavy leaves.

Thankfully, as long as you provide your snake plant with sufficient light and check its soil for moisture, you will be able to correct most of the crooked or drooping leaves.

With well-draining soil, bright light conditions, and warmth, you can enjoy watching your snake plant as it grows strong, tall, and straight.